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Safety Instruction

Dear SmartKart Visitor! This is short instruction about the safety procedures on our karting track. Our main goal is ensure that you enjoy driving here with maximum safety. And safety means - full set of racing supplies, reliable karts, interesting and challenging track, your discipline and our fast assistance during the race. RIMO karts are produced in Germany, equipped with Honda engine and reaching the speed over 60 km/h. Engine is 9 horsepower. The same karts are used on one of the best karting tracks in Germany, built by the legend of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher in his hometown of Kerpen. Karts control is similar to the control of cars with automatic transmission. Right pedal - Acceleration Pedal. Left pedal - Brake. It's strictly prohibited to press 2 pedals simultaneously, it's considered a serious violation, for which we stop and warn you. For 2 serious violations you will be eliminated from the race. On the first lap, please try to figure out how to drive our karts, how the accelerator and brake work, how the kart is controlled, how the tires perform in the turns. Do not try to reach the limit immediately - our circuit is long, complex, with high-speed downhills and a lot of difficult corners. Remember the most important rule of driving the kart or any real sport car on the race track: 1. Before the turn, you occupy the outer turning radius 2. In the turn, you go to the inside of the turn. 3. 3. On the turn exit, you go out on the outer radius again. In more details, we can train you the art of piloting karts on our special master classes. After the completion of our master classes, you'll definitely get more fun from driving karts. It's strictly forbidden to get out of the kart while the engine is not turned off. If you crashed into a tires, and you can't continue - do not do anything, only rise hands in the air so that our personnel would notice and help promptly. If you see that the accident on the track, please reduce your speed, be careful, and if possible, raise one hand signaling the danger to others. We allow light contact fighting on the track, but continuous pushing and hitting opponents karts, permanent crashes to the tires will be considered a serious violation. We ask you to drive the karts carefully and keep in mind that other visitors will ride the karts after you. So try to behave on the track politely and fairly with your competitors, and try to avoid the crashes. When sitting into the kart, don't step on the tie rods, sit down into the kart as it will be shown my personnel. You start driving on green light. When starting in race mode - after the personnel on track will show the checkered flag. If you see a yellow light lit up, it means that in the end of the lap you will need to turn off the track to the pits, and this lap will not fall into a lap times printout you get at the end of race. Remember the purpose of the flags. Yellow flag - means that you need to slow down. Do not accelerate as long as the personnel shows this flag. Checkered flag - means that at the end of the lap you need to stop in the pits. Black Flag - the race is over for you, 2 serious violations. We wish you never see this flag :-) Conditions of participation in the race 1.1. Karting center administration has the right to refuse service to any visitor without explanation. 1.2. Before the start of the session arrival, each participant is obliged to familiarize themselves with these rules, complete the "Participant Questionnaire" pay check and listen to instructions. 1.3. For arrivals are not allowed to persons in a state of alcoholic intoxication, under the influence of narcotics or psychotropic substances, as well as pregnant women. The maximum allowable rider weight - 120 kg. 1.4. Children rising from 115 cm to 140 cm ride on the children's karts. 1.5. Children taller than 140 cm ride on an adult karts. 1.6. Children under 14 years old can participate in the race only with the permission of parents. 1.7. Do not take part in the races for people with cardiovascular disease and any other contraindications to physical activity. We will be very glad to see you again, with the company of your friends, colleagues, your families. We'll be pleased to organize a birthday, corporate, or any other event. We hope that you'll enjoy the drive, and we constantly develop new features for our visitors. So – let’s go and enjoy the Drive and Adrenaline on our SmartKart Race Track!
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